February 2021 Submission to the City of Winnipeg

We believe that one of the most effective, efficient, and innovative ways to address these goals would be for all levels of government, including the City of Winnipeg, to use Social Procurement in their purchasing. Social procurement initiatives are an effective policy tool Page 2 of 6 for creating economic opportunities for citizens while optimizing the return on public sector expenditures.

December 17 Submission to Winnipeg City Council

Submission to Winnipeg City Council December 17, 2020 Our group is writing in support of passing Item No. 12 - Social and Sustainable Procurement Practices. Members of our organizations and associations presented to Executive Policy Committee on December 9, 2020 with support for the concept of social procurement and specific ideas to provide clarity to a pathway forward for the City of Winnipeg.

Social Procurement Policy Framework

SOCIAL PROCUREMENT is the practice of using existing purchasing to promote social, environmental, and cultural goals. It is a growing international practise as it is an effective policy tool to achieve multiple economic and social outcomes, and a strong return on investment.

Returns can include reductions in crime, savings in health-care and emergency costs, reduced strain on social assistance systems, and higher employment in the community - all of which contributes to vibrant and sustainable communities with high quality of life.

For government, social procurement meets taxpayers’ expectations of financial prudence by leveraging procurement dollars already within the budget to simultaneously fulfil a procurement need as well as contribute to governmental social objectives.

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